Cruisers Seaside Global Limited

Website Design & Development, Rebrand, Logo
Cruisers Seaside formerly a Travels and Tours company now re-branded as Travels and Recruitment services. We re-branded the company’s logo and website giving it a ‘fresh’ look. The website is user friendly


Website Design & Development
We built the website using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). It has a section for weekly messages. We also equipped the site with the capacity of downloading, so site visitors can download. Oh


Website Design & Development, Hosting, Landing Page
It’s a beautiful yet simple #LandingPage website with slides showcasing their expertise. The website has a Chat Messenger where ITNG360 Support Service can attend to website visitors in real time. The website was installed


Website Redesign
We redesigned IWOSEF website to make the look-and-feel more user friendly. Ideal Women Support Empowerment Foundation is an NGO that provide humanitarian services especially for women. We added WhatsApp chat messenger, and