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"I'll turn you over with the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
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Experience design at scale

Build professional website for Companies, Schools, Oil and Gas, Real Estate, Government Agencies, NGOs and other Multi-National Organizations.

Build without codes

Design your website as well as your client’s without writing any line of code using WordPress site in less time than ever before.

responsive website design

Build responsive website that fluids on any device as you implement ‘Responsive Mode’ using Elementor page builder.

why you need this handbook

Easy for Beginners

Jorel (Avatar) will teach and guide you using simple terms and straightforward steps on how to build professional websites with absolutely no previous knowledge and without writing any line of code.

Legible on Mobile

Handbook is optimised for mobile device. Easy to read on Smartphone or Tab.

Legible on PC

Handbook is optimised for PC. Easy to read on Tablet, Laptop or Desktop.

Enhanced Artwork

Page layout is clear and enhances RE (Reader Experience). Descriptive images are placed in relevant areas to guide you through you web design journey.

Multi-format eBook

Handbook is available in multiple formats. Download PDF and request for Microsoft Word version (optional).

Support from Author

If you ever need to ask about something Jorel taught you in the Handbook, chat Josiah on WhatsApp/Telegram +234 813 737 0218.

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